So Young Plus




Say Goodbye to…

  • Frequent Urination, Residual Urination or Intermittent Urine Flow
  • Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty
  • Prostate inflammation & Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
  • Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow
  • Low Sexual Stamina, Premature Ejaculation or Soft Erection
  • Blood in Urine & Semen
  • Interrupted Sleep At Night, Low Energy Level & Tired
  • Lower Back or Groin Pain & Weak Knee
  • Constant Full Feeling in Bladder

Ingredients Label


Spirulina Platensis – 223.50 mg

Herba Cynomorium Songaricum Extract – 210.00 mg

Kudzu Root Extract – 178.50 mg

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract – 110.50 mg

Ganorderma Lucidum Ectract – 127.50 mg

Total 850.00 mg


One tablet for first 3 days, then one tablet every 3 to 4 days. To be taken after meals



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